Daisy extensive review by Vasid

By u/Gemina_Lunarian

Hello Tantaly and fellow customers. Today I come with my review of Daisy. I received her a couple days ago, only two days after placing the order. Unbelievable turnaround time. Bravo, Tantaly!

I will usually spend at least a couple weeks before submitting a review of a new doll, but a few things about Daisy prompted me to hasten my feedback concerning this doll. As such, this review will be a little different than usual.

~ The good ~

The size: I am accustomed to Louise and Candice. The shear size of Daisy's ass just blew me away. This doll is definitely far closer to the size of a real girl and it is a very welcome addition to my current dolls.

The feels: The tantabutt technology is absolutely fantastic. The ass cheeks on Daisy have a very nice jiggle and softness to them, and they feel so good when pressed against your own body. Intercourse feels really good. Despite being a butt doll, I found missionary feels the best, and she is lying on her back, it's like she's really asking for you to go as deep as you can. Her ass is also well exposed in the position and you can switch between the holes on the fly. It has been reported that her vagina is a bit tighter than her ass due to the tunnel design, and I can confirm that this is true.

The aesthetic: The buttocks themselves are very well done. You absolutely are taken over by your own primal instincts to squeeze, grab, spank, and kiss her bodacious posterior. Spanking Daisy in just about any position will result in a lovely ripple effect throughout the doll.

Maneuverability: Daisy is surprisingly really easy to move around, and cleaning was even easier than dolls like Britney and Candice despite the heavier weight. She also easily comes out of her storage container, which is also a good size to be able to keep hidden.

~ The bad ~

Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good with Daisy. I know this is Tantaly's first release with tantabutt technology, so I mention all of this with the best of intentions for the sake of improving future dolls.

Sexual positions: Daisy suffers from limited pleasurable positions I could do with the doll, and this is due to a very specific reason I will be mentioning next...

LHP (Love hole placement): Ok. I have been a Tantaly customer for a very long time now, and have been reviewing their dolls and giving feedback for nearly the same amount of time. Daisy being a more recent release is all the more disappointing because the importance of this does not seem to stick with the R&D team. So much of a doll's pleasure, level of intimacy, and immersion is dependent on this. Daisy's LHP leaves much to be improved upon..

In order to express this further, I am going to post some comparison pics between Daisy, Candice, and a real life girl named Dionna, an absolutely stunningSuze.netmodel from the 90's with an ass around the same size as Daisy.

First, I would like to exhibit the difference in the LHP placement with the dolls in a face down position:

Candice has near perfect LHP. Notice the difference. The anus on Daisy is pretty close the where the vagina entrance is on Candice. This is despite Candice being about two-thirds the height of Daisy.

In second picture, I would like to point to the 'Bubble trouble' with the Daisy model. Take notice how the thighs invert as they meet the bottom of the buttocks. Also take notice on Daisy's vulva. It droops and is nearly touching the bed. Candice does not suffer from either of these deformities. This is likely from trying to too much to give Daisy a round ass. It's not necessary.

This is another example of the inverted thighs when they meet the buttocks. This should be as pronounced as it is here. Keep this in mind when I show pictures of Dionna.
Dionna's ass is perfect. See how her thighs don't invert. The contour is perfectly curved, yet her ass is still round and very inviting. Here is Candice at a similar angle to the above pictures of Dionna. Look at how similar the LHP is. Notice that her vulva doesn't droop down, or the thighs not inverting as they meet the buttocks.
One more for missionary position, Again. Near perfect LHP.

Because the LHP on Daisy is so bad, I either cannot perform positions such as spooning and doggie style unless I use the anal entry instead, but this should not be the case with a butt doll, or any doll for that matter. Dolls like Candice and Louise are superior doll for these positions, and unfortunately the softness of the tantabutt technology did not meet the sexual access and immersion of Candice and Louise.

To close, I will say that Daisy still got the job done and the doll still does provide a lot of pleasure. The size and softness of the ass definitely still makes the sex really good, and the bounce of the tantabutt technology will drain you and looking forward to your next session with Daisy. I'm quite certain other users won't mind some of the shortcomings I mentioned and may disagree with my assessments. But Daisy is more of a missionary doll for me, unless plugging her up the ass.

I will still recommend Daisy if you want a more true to size ass doll that is as close as Tantaly has come thus far to the feel and softness of a real ass.

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