The best way to increase libido in men


Your libido is to blame when you start to feel horny or get in the mood. Your libido is responsible for your sex drive and is influenced by hormones, brain function, and behavior you have learned.

Your libido levels vary. All people have different hormones that contribute to having a libido. Some people have a high libido or a severely low libido. Still, there are many natural factors that you need to know about when you have a low sex drive.

Anyone can quickly increase libido levels if they know what lifestyle changes are needed. During this feature, we look at libido increasers for men and what symptoms a low libido consists of. If you have wondered how to increase your libido, this article will give you some of the best tips.

A libido is needed for a healthy sex life. Still, a sudden increase in libido or an overly active libido is not healthy either. Let’s find out how to increase libido in men and find out what is libido.

increase libido in men

Part 1. What is libido?

Libido is a loosely used term, but people tend not to always know the meaning behind the word. Libido is the term used to describe your appetite for sex and your overall desire for sexual activity.

Many people say that your libido is also your biological instinct coming into play, the biological urge to reproduce. A high libido is often associated with men, but women can have a high sex drive like men.

Essentially, men and women are genetically different, but both genders have sex hormones. Sex hormones are part of what makes you horny, and women get just as horny as men. Libido is not a steady drive. It fluctuates during the day as your lifestyle changes.

You will also notice signs of arousal when you have an increase in libido. Women become lubricated, and men will have an erect penis. This is when you will have a distinct need for sexual intimacy with a partner or the need for sexual stimulation through masturbation.

A high libido will allow you to have a healthy sex life. Still, there are also many other benefits of an increased libido. You will notice that you have less stress, better mental health, good relationships, better sleep, and a better self-image.

Part 2. What causes a low sex drive?

Low libido is the body's response to insufficient hormones or lifestyle changes. Issues relating to your mind can also be part of the reason why you have a known libido. But how do you know you need to do something to increase your libido?

Firstly, one of the main symptoms of low libido is little to no desire for sexual activity with your partner or masturbating. You may also notice a rise in stress levels about the lack of desire for sex.

But how do you start fixing a problem if you do not know what is the cause of low libido?

In men, the sex hormone is testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for arousal, and your libido is what makes it easy to get aroused.

One common causes of low libido is a hormone change. You will notice a drop in your sex drive when your body stops producing enough testosterone. You might even be diagnosed with hypogonadism if you have a very low testosterone level.

The second most common cause of low libido is stress. We all know that stress is a contributing factor to many health problems, so it should come as no surprise that your sex life is also impacted by high stress. Stress releases two hormones, cortisol and epinephrine, which are both known to suppress your testosterone levels.

But these are not the only factors that cause low libido. Here are the next few things that could also contribute to a bad sex drive.

  • High blood pressure
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Antidepressants

Part 3. How to increase sex drive in men?

Once you have figured out what is causing your low libido, you can start focusing on how to start curing it.

Sometimes a low libido is caused by a disease like diabetes or high blood pressure, which might need medication to aid your sex drive. But these next few tips have proven to help you manage your symptoms and ultimately increase your libido.

Treat your stress and anxiety.
When you are feeling stressed out or anxious, you will struggle to function sexually. Because of the many contributing factors to stress, it can prove hard to treat it. Anxiety also has a variety of symptoms, and it can be hard to treat without professional help. You need to start a form of therapy to help you easily process what is happening.

Masturbate with a sex doll
Masturbation is an easy way to help you increase your testosterone. When your testosterone increases, so does your libido. Masturbation has become very easy for men due to all the tools designed to aid you. Tanataly offers realistic sex dolls to help you have the ultimate orgasm while you try to increase your libido. What makes Tantaly’s sex dolls worth a try is the different variations of body molds to suit your kinks. If you love big boobs, the sex doll called Nicole will be your top choice. They even have a decent collection of hot BBW sex dolls that will blow your mind.

Have a good night's rest
When you have a good sleep, you are ready to have a great day. Sleep disorders go hand-in-hand with many health issues, including very low libido. Insomnia tends to be a difficult habit to break if you do not know how. Try a few natural remedies to help you fall asleep at night. Sleep will allow your body to rest sufficiently, and your body will help you increase libido.

Exercise regularly
Exercise is proven to have many benefits for your heart, mind, and overall health. Exercise also helps you increase your libido. Find a set of exercises that you enjoy and try to do them daily. Exercise raises your testosterone level, which eventually returns your sex drive. Exercise will help you gain strength and allow you to last longer in bed. There is less chance of premature ejaculation in fit men than in unfit.

The stomach is a way to a man’s heart; in this case, his sex drives too. There are many foods that contain minerals and vitamins to increase your sex drive. Food is a natural libido increaser for men and can be used to aid men with low libido. But which foods are aphrodisiacs? Foods that are rich in zinc, like red meat and oysters, will increase your testosterone and stamina.

Final Thoughts

Libido is a person’s sex drive, and as we know, after this feature, it is influenced by many factors. A low sex drive can be an uncomfortable thing to seek help about, but it should bring no shame.

There are various reasons as too why your sex drive is diminished, and knowing how to increase male libido will help you during future sexual struggles. If none of these options have worked for you, you might need to take things further and talk to your healthcare provider for medication to help you stimulate your main sex hormone.

Until next time.

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