Tantaly offline questionnaire: Controversy among sex partners about buying sex dolls


How to bring sex dolls into their lives has always been a controversial topic for men with partners. In response to this phenomenon, Tantaly conducted an offline questionnaire, mainly in the following two situations:
1. The partner encourages the purchase, and feel happy and joyful about it.
2. Partner strongly disapproves of using sex dolls.
We have selected four informative cases and asked sex experts to analyze them.

The sex partner encourages, and feels pleasure and joy about it

Case 1: My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we love each other very much. As time went on, our sexual desire has gradually weakened a lot. In the quality of sexual life above, we feel less and less satisfied, so we decided to buy sex dolls to enhance the interest in sexual life. This is just a kind of love between us, not to replace our emotions, but can make our sex more perfect, I am very relieved.

Case 2: I have been living with my girlfriend for 8 years in a joint venture. We care about each other and love each other. Now my body gradually obese up, in the sex life, many previous intercourse positions are difficult to do. We purchased a slim body sex doll to increase sexual desire and make our sex life more erotic.

Sex expert comments:
These couples have high requirements for the quality of their sex life, the main purpose is to make their sexual partners to be pleasurable and happy, thus stimulating a stronger sexual desire. Sex dolls are a better choice. Catering to each other in the sexual life of both parties is a manifestation of love. It is normal when the sexual desire and pleasure of both parties differ over time, but as long as the problem is identified in time and can be solved with care, an optimal middle ground can be found. Only in this way, one party is mentally satisfied, the other party can be physically at the same time.

2. The partner is strongly opposed to sex dolls

Case 3: My wife is a traditional woman, and we got into an argument when I bought a sex doll for Valentine's Day as a surprise for the night. She thought buying a sex doll was a "perverted behavior", and after we communicated in depth, I respected and understood her thought. I value the relationship between us more about sex.

Case 4: I can't understand the need for men to buy sex dolls at all, it's an insult to women.

Sex expert comment:
The main purpose of men buying sex dolls is to experience sexual pleasure, enrich the content of sexual life, and improve the quality of sex life. A sex doll is a product for an active sex life, without the exchange of thoughts and emotions, it cannot replace the role of a human sexual partner, nor can it replace the sincerity and love for a girlfriend, not to mention the "insult".

Final thoughts:

In any case, sex products are just a flavoring agent in sex life. When sex life is uncoordinated and boring, it is more important to communicate with each other in a timely manner. The perfect and harmonious sex life is a very important part of the life of the partner, is a reflection of love is also an important part of consolidating and deepening the feelings and happiness of life!

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