Perfect Sex Positions That Will Get You Both Off



One of the defining aspects of enjoying sexual intercourse is that it is enjoyable and fulfilling for both you and your partner. But have you ever wondered what else could enhance your sex life? Well, one of the obvious answers here would be to experiment with sex positions.

Believe us or not, you will find hundreds of sex positions tailored to cater to the needs of you, your partner, and many other couples. Whether it is missionary, spooning, cowgirl, or anything in between- every sex position comes with its distinctive quirks and fun. The best part: anyone can perform them, regardless of their experience level.

But how exactly do you start? Also, what are some perfect sex positions that will get you both off? Let’s dive in, to find out more.

Missionary Sex Position

The missionary position is just as old as time. Individuals have experimented with this position for centuries, and interestingly enough, it is still just as exciting! Perhaps the biggest and the most defining quality of this position is that it requires you to maintain eye contact with your partner. And if your partner is a doll, this is even easier. Simply lie the doll on your bed/couch or any other flat area. Once you’re done setting the position, try to move and spread her legs.

If you get bored of the same style, try putting her legs around your shoulders. You might also want to bend them. This way, you will enjoy an excellent view of her full breasts as you continue to slide your penis inside her. While performing the missionary position, you can both try deep and light penetration. Both are excellent and easy to do.

If you’re wondering which dolls to try the missionary position with, we would recommend the ones with big busts. You can also try BBW or other dolls for this experience.

Spooning Sex Position

Ideal for beginners, this sex position is easy, classy, and incredibly stimulating. If intimacy is what you seek from your doll, you might as well want to try this with her.

To start, you just need to make sure that the doll is lying down on her side. As you set her position, keep her arms before her and make sure she is curled up. Next, try to get her legs bent so that you can hug her around and add some support. Once you are comfortable, you might want to lift her legs and penetrate her if you feel the urge. This position is excellent, and it makes way for the hottest kind of sex.

Supported Cowgirl Sex Position

If you are a relaxed kind of guy who enjoys lying down during sex, the supported cowgirl position might just be your best bet! Ideal for both beginners and experienced folks, for this position, you just need to lie down on your bed, couch, or any comfortable area.

Once you're comfortable on the bed, just get the doll right above you, and make her squat on your penis. Since most sex dolls are easily penetrable, you will get just the exact kind of feel as with a real partner. The support cowgirl position requires you to support your girl, making her ride you at your desired pace. You might also want to drive the pace by penetrating her and backing it up with short or long thrusts.   

Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position

The reverse cowgirl position is the exact opposite of the cowgirl position. Here too, you need to lie down. But instead of getting your sex doll squat facing you, this time, you need her to squat facing her butt towards you. Of course, you can penetrate her anally or vaginally; either way, it will be wonderful and truly stimulating.

This position is an excellent option for all those ass lovers, would prefer a decent view of the ass over the breasts. If you’re feeling naughty, you may even want to press her boobs as you thrust her ass. The dolls, being extremely elastic, will respond to your thrusts, truly elevating your sexual experience.

Eating Out Sex Position

As evident from the name, Eating Out is more of an oral sex position that involves eating out the pussy of your partner. If you’re trying the position with a doll, just squat/place her on a countertop, table, couch, or the edge of your bed. Next, you spread her legs and start licking her pussy. You may even want to gently use your teeth for a more exciting experience.

Either way, it’s fun to do, and if you get tired at any point, you also have the option of laying the doll down, and then eating her out, before you finally penetrate her. This is an excellent trick to keep your sex fun and exciting.

Accordion oral sex position

Named after a musical instrument, the Accordion oral sex position is just as elegant as the instrument itself. For this method, you need to pull the ears of your partner, bring her face close to yours, and then give her a hard, open-handed smack.

The process is simple when you’re trying it with your sex doll. Just pull her ears gently and smack her as hard or gently as you want. If anything, the doll will amplify your experience with her innocent look and indelible charm. You can start the accordion position as part of foreplay before you proceed to the real action!


Sex is always a fun and stimulating experience. So, it doesn't really matter whether you try it with a real partner or a sex doll. All you need to do is learn more about our listed sex positions and perform them the right way. Do not be under pressure, because most of our listed poses are easier than you think. Just follow the instructions carefully and you're good to go! Remember, sex dolls are as worthwhile and realistic as a real partner and your sexual experience wouldn't be compromised if you tried it off with them. So, wait no further, and woo your partner (or sex doll) for the perfect sexual adventure that’ll satisfy you to the core!

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