In addition to choosing the right skin color, breast size and vagina type, dressing your sex doll is equally important. A well-dressed sex doll looks more real and appealing. Just like a real woman , you can dress your sex doll differently depending on the occasion or the mood. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Right?

If you're a man and don't know anything about women's clothing, buying clothes for your sex doll can be a headache.

This article will explain how to buy the right clothes for your sex doll after purchasing it from Tantaly, tips on how to dress, small details to pay attention to, and more.

What kind of clothes are suitable for sex doll?

Some materials can stain the doll's skin and are difficult to remove without causing secondary damage to the doll.So for the integrity of your sex doll’s skin, be sure to avoid: latex, faux and genuine leather, jeans/denim, and wool.

Instead, choose fabrics that will coexist harmoniously with your sex doll's skin. For example: cotton, silk, lace,nylon, spandex, velvet and other similar fabrics.

Dark clothes are more likely to stain your sex doll, even after washing, than some light colored clothes. So to avoid dyeing your sex doll, you should try to avoid wearing dark clothes on your sex doll. But if you really like it, we recommend washing the garment a few more times and testing it on a piece of TPE or a hidden part of the sex doll (like the top of your thigh) to see if it stains.

You should also avoid wearing tight clothes on your sex doll as it can leave dents and marks on the sex doll. If necessary, limit the time you wear tight clothing on your sex doll.

What styles of clothing are suitable for sex doll?

not prone to error strappy bikini

The body proportions of our sex dolls are scaled according to the size of the real human body. They cannot fit human underwear well, so we recommend the adjustable strappy bikini. It’s less likely to go wrong when choosing adjustable strappy bikini, especially for mid-sized sex dolls and mini-sized sex dolls. Strap-on bikini are practical yet sexy, and are a good choice for those who don’t want to get exact measurements.

Sexy Lingerie

Who doesn't love looking at hot scantily clad girl dolls? Make sure you buy sexy lingerie for your sex doll according to its size. You can buy see-through clothes to enjoy the ultimate temptation of looming nipples and vagina; also you can buy lace underwear to dress her up, lace is the best fabric to combine sexiness and purity.

Sexy Lingerie

Who doesn't love looking at hot scantily clad girl dolls? Make sure you buy sexy lingerie for your sex doll according to its size. You can buy see-through clothes to enjoy the ultimate temptation of looming nipples and vagina; also you can buy lace underwear to dress her up, lace is the best fabric to combine sexiness and purity.

Sports undies

If you want to make her look sporty and sexy, dress her in athletic shorts and a sports undies. This type of clothing tends to be looser and more elastic, making it easier to wear on sex dolls. Before buying sports undies, you need to know the size of the sex doll. If you buy blindly, there is a risk that it will not fit.

Also, for a long-legged sex doll, you can buy her stockings to create a sense of realism.

How to buy the right size clothes?

When you buy sex doll clothes, you need to fully understand its upper bust, lower bust, waist, and hip dimensions.Then, compare these to the size charts on the website you want to purchase from. If you are not sure whether it will fit, you can ask the lingerie store you want to buy based on the size of the sex doll to make sure the clothes you buy are suitable for it.

According to the body shape of the sex doll, we have divided the products currently sold by Tantaly into four types to show the size of the sex doll so that you can better buy clothes that suit your sex doll.

almost full size sex doll

ProductUpper bustLower bustWaistHip
Aurora 2.033.4in/85cm 23.6in/60cm 20in/51cm 35in/89cm
Badd angel35.8in/91cm24.8in/63cm23.6in/60cm37.7in/96cm
Jennifer 37.4in/95cm 25.2in/64cm 22.2in/56.5cm  39.4in/100cm
Monica 33.4in/85cm  19.1in/48.5cm  18.3in/46.5cm 31.4in/80cm
Morgpie 34.6in/88cm  25.2in/64cm  24.4in/62cm  37.4in/95cm
Monroe 37.8in/96cm  26.4in/67cm  23.6in/60cm  37.8in/96cm

medium size sex doll

ProductUpper bustLower bustWaistHip
Britney 2.028.5in/72.4cm 18.5in/47cm19.02in/48.3cm 29.92in/76cm
Nicole35.82in/91cm22.44in/57cm  24.41in/62cm 41.34in/105cm

mini size sex doll

ProductUpper bustLower bustWaistHip
Dita20.08in/51cm 12.99in/33cm13.78in/35cm 22.83in/58cm
Miki20.08in/51cm12.99in/33cm 12.01in/30.5cm 21.26in/54cm

ass sex doll

Eva28.15in/71.5cm 46.46in/118cm 
Rosie 25in/63.5cm 40.94in/104cm

How to dress up sex doll better?

One of the best things about owning a TPE doll is that you can dress the sex doll up how you like and play fun role-playing games with her! If you don’t know what clothes to buy for your sex doll, you can join our Reddit.

There are a large number of fans in our Reddit who share pictures of sex doll outfits. They can be sweet or sexy. You will definitely find inspiration for the outfits. Below are some pictures of how some of the customers who purchased our sex dolls have styled their love dolls.

The creative possibilities for sex doll dress-up are endless, so feel free to get creative. Explore cosplay, design your sex doll to look exactly like the girl of your dreams, and make your wildest fantasies come true. Endless possibilities, it's all up to you. Explore them to their fullest!

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