Tantaly Doll Cleaning And Drying Kit

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Tantaly Doll cleaning and drying kit


By now, most doll collectors know the importance of cleaning and drying their beloved sex doll. Most male users have troubles with sex dolls cleaning after use since the tunnels of the dolls are deep and narrow. And the moisture that is left inside the tunnels can breed bacteria and cause danger to your health. Air-drying takes a long time and can be ineffective, and a cloth can harbor bacteria or leave behind lint. That's why we launched Tantaly Doll cleaning and drying kit. Tantaly Doll cleaning and drying kit contains a Doll washer and two drying sticks.

Tantaly Doll Washer*1

The Tantaly Doll Washer is specially developed for sex doll cleaning. With 14 sprinkling holes and an insertable length of 5.9 inches, the Tantaly Doll Washer has the strong power to flush water into the doll's tunnels, instantly flushing sperm and lube out of the doll's tunnels. This way make to clean dolls more thoroughly and effectively prevent bacterial residues. There is a regulator at the interface, which can be adjusted with the size of the household tap, suitable for faucets with outlet diameter of 0.67 inches(G1/2 tap)

Material: ABS+ PVC

Total length of the hose: 39.37”

Diameter of the Faucet interface: 0.67”

Insertable length: 5.90”

Drying Stick*2

The Tantaly Drying stick is a reusable stick that can be used to absorb most moisture from your sex doll. It is made out of 100% diatomaceous earth and its porous structure makes it uniquely suited to absorb moisture without damaging the material of your doll or posing a danger to your health. The Drying Stick will absorb leftover fluids and help suppress the growth of bacteria inside the doll and ensures the health of male penis.

Material: Diatomaceous Earth

Length: 6.69”


  1. 1.Insert the hose fitting into the tap,turn the regulator at the end of the hose so that it is tightly wound around the tap.
  3. 2.Insert the washer with sprinkling holes fully into the tunnels of the doll.

3.Turn on the tap (adjust the appropriate amount of water according to the water pressure), let the water flow in through the hose and then into the doll's tunnels through the sprinkling holes.

4.The sperm and lube inside the doll’s tunnel would be flushed out by the water.

5.Shaking or squeezing out the majority of the water inside the doll.

6.Gently insert the drying stick with the rounded end. Roll it around, squeeze it a little to move the moisture around and bring it into contact with the drying stick.

7.Carefully pull the stick back out and set it aside to dry. How long it takes to dry depends on the temperature and ambient humidity. It is Reusable, so one drying stick can be used for a very long time.