Sexy Susan: 4LB Mini Love Doll Life-Sized Male Masturbator Sex Toy

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


Sexy Susan, The Young Graduate Student

Sexy Susan is a beautiful, young graduate student who enjoys the company of older men. It clearly shows that she takes excellent care of herself. Massive tits. Plump ass. Tiny waist. She’s so proud of her incredible physique and big tits that she’s not ashamed to show them off to anyone. Sexy Susan wants an older gentleman who can look after her and make her feel good. She’s looking for someone to call “daddy.” Teasing her delicious breasts with your hard, throbbing cock gets her wet and horny. Her swollen, slick pussy is always available and ready for you to enter it.

Realistic Vagina Tunnel

Sexy Susan is made with medical grade TPE materials for a sensational feel and built with extra-durability to withstand the hardest fucking. Her ultra-lifelike vagina tunnel is fully textured with folds, ridges, and grooves that feel just as intense as the real thing, if not better. With a curvy inner structure that can swallow your whole cock, Sexy Susan’s pussy is built for you to cum inside her multiple times. Fuck her sideways, doggy style, missionary, or have her ride you as you lie down. Compatible with water-based lubricants for a moist and warm experience.

Realistic Anal Tunnel

Sexy Susan wants to wrap her ass cheeks around your hard cock. Her tight ass can envelop your entire penis while providing a firm grip and incredible suction with each fuck. She has a distinct lifelike tunnel that’s designed with ridges and knobs that will have you moaning with pleasure for hours. The inside of her ass feels firmer, more elastic, and more stimulating. Sexy Susan is not shy and loves to be shared. You can have one cock inside her pussy and one up her ass — perfect for sharing her with a friend.

Tunnel features of Sexy Susan

She is sealed, it means that there is no drainage system. But she has the ability to create a suction that closely resembles a vacuum effect. This effect enhances your stimulation and gives you more of a ‘real-feel’.

Skin-Like TPE Material

Sexy Susan is made of medical grade TPE materialsthat feels close to real human skin. Ultra-realistic in look, feel, and texture, the TPE material is detailed with subtle blemishes and goosebumps — like a living person! It’s also very soft and can stretch without losing shape. This makes Sexy Susan’s ass and tits jiggle like a real woman. She’s also supported upright with a metal spine that’s fully adjustable and flexible, so you can have her in any position you want. The TPE is body-safe and requires little maintenance, so you can cum in her or on her using a water-based lubricant.

Key Features

❤ Lifelike Viginal and ass

❤ “Skin-Like” TPE Material

❤ Body Safe


❤ Soft to the Touch

❤ Ergonomic Design

Body Measurements

❤ Height:9.6''

❤ Length:6.7''

❤ Width:4.7''

❤ Weight:4lb