Misty: 1.7LB Mini Vagina Pussy Ass Masturbator

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


Your obedient sex slave Misty

Your next-door neighbors, Smiths, have recently moved in, and since then, your life became a catastrophe – all thanks to their teen daughter Misty. This young redhead seems like having particular disfavor towards you, as she’s been doing everything to draw your attention, and then repel you abruptly.

After weeks of such an attitude, you were ready to pack your things and rent a house in another state. However, one lunch break changed everything by making clear all the passions going around.

You usually had lunch at your house. Today you went to the kitchen to take some frozen food out of the fridge when your side vision told you something was moving behind the window. You turned around to see Misty taking a sunbath and being completely naked in the backyard of the neighbor’s house. She seemed not to notice you, massaging her small size breasts. Suddenly, her palm went down the torso, and you stumbled into seeing her masturbating a small pussy.

Your cock immediately went rock hard. Still, your conscience told you to go and stop this show until someone else would notice. You swiftly left your house and approached the female, who now was moaning obscenely. However, unlike your expectations, Misty didn’t freak out or interrupt her occupation. She was looking directly into your eyes, spreading thighs invitingly, and at that moment, the puzzle completed in your head.

You took your dick out of your pants and went closer. Misty – a fantasy that came true – turned over to show you her neat hole. Her pussy was dripping love juice that went all over the tiny clit. The redhead moaned your name when you inserted your whole shaft inside of her tight hole without any preparations. The rhythm went faster and faster until her screams of pleasure became so loud you had to cover her mouth with your palm. Since then, the girl became your cheap whore, whom you could use as a sex toy at any time you’d wish.

Realistic Masturbator with Tight Hole

Depending on your today’s desire, you can choose between doggy-style hard sex or tender lovemaking with Misty’s pussy. Both variants would provide you with outstanding experience thanks to the unusual structure of the tunnel, which makes the usual male masturbation exciting and sensual. The elastic properties of the medical grade TPE materials participate in pleasing you as well.

Elaborated Inner Texture of Her Pussy

The channel you’re about to immerse in cum features an atypical ribbing pattern. It stimulates your whole dick with bumps and ridges, making the orgasm inevitable and extremely intense. With this masturbator, you can make all your adult fantasies come true without spending too much money on overpriced sex toys.

Tunnel features of Misty

She is sealed, it means that there is no drainage system. But she has the ability to create a suction that closely resembles a vacuum effect. This effect enhances your stimulation and gives you more of a ‘real-feel’.

Mini Toy That Brings Maximum Pleasure

The half body sex doll is very small, with a total length of 5.12 inches only. Still, the real pleasure is not about the size but the quality. This petite toy can make you fuck your brains out, which makes it a must-have toy for men who enjoy the combination of price and quality.

Key Features

❤ Best mini toy available for sale on the website

❤ Cute bubble-shaped butt

❤ A pussy tunnel with elaborated texture

❤ Safe and durable manufacturing material

❤ Light weight

Body Measurements

❤ Height: 2.95”

❤ Length: 6.3”

❤ Width: 5.12”

❤ Weight: 1.7 lbs