Katie: 3.17LB Japanese Loli Pussy and Ass Male Masturbator

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


Your sweet Katie

Your peaceful Sunday was disrupted by a ring on the front door. You’ve just gone out of the shower but had no chance to change since the person ringing was very persistent in making you crawl out of your lair. With the growing irritation, you went to the front door and opened it abruptly.

There was a cute young girl with two neat braids on your doorstep. She was wearing a short – probably even too short – girl scout skirt and a white, almost translucent, blouse. The teen introduced herself al Katie and offered you to buy some cookies. However, your irritation still didn’t fade out completely, and as you’ve run an eye over the girl an idea popped into your head.

You’ve invited Katie inside, telling her you’re about to buy her cookies. But instead of $4 you‘ve handed her $20 saying that she can get some extra cash for the additional services if she wants to. You’ve let the towel fall from your heaps and demonstrated her your hard pulsating cock.

For a minute the girl seemed puzzled, but then she approached you and laid her small palm over your boner. She stroked it for a while until you’ve decided to go further and started to take off her clothes slowly. Katie didn’t protest but blushed with embarrassment as you’ve grabbed her pussy through her mini panties and started to pet it. After a while, she was already laying on your bed spreading her legs broadly. Her teen pussy was all wet with drips of love juice tracing lines on her inner thighs. You couldn’t stand that view more – a head of your cock went right to that small hole, teasing it and stretching it. But don’t forget about that small ass hole! Your half body sex doll Katie wants you inside of her, and you’d better do a good job making her lose both anal and vaginal virginity.

Tiny Teen Pussy Masturbator

The sex toy is made as to the model of a teen girl’s pussy, therefore, it lacks realism – there are no detailed outer garnishing, pubic hair or clitoris. Still, it will be a perfect purchase for men with lolicon kink or those who prefer sensations to the look. The insides of the masturbator are designed professionally. There are no regular channels with some add-ons in the form of bumps: both vagina and anal entrances are elaborated and irregular.

Small Size Anal Hole For Extra Stimulation

The anal hole of this cheap toy is made much narrower than its vagina. It will stretch around your cock snuggly, providing outstanding male masturbation experience you won’t reach with any other toy. An adult cock will almost tear it down, however, the material of the toy would prevent such a nuisance and even turn the channel into its original view.

Tunnel features of Katie

She is sealed, it means that there is no drainage system. But she has the ability to create a suction that closely resembles a vacuum effect. This effect enhances your stimulation and gives you more of a ‘real-feel’.

Pro Materials Guaranteeing Safety

To bring your greatest fantasy into life, but not to harm you, the toy is made of medical grade TPE materials. It is easy to wash, durable, stretchy, and it doesn’t provide allergy to people with certain health problems. Therefore, the mini toy is available for sale to anyone who wants to enjoy it!

Key Features

❤ Realistic young pussy

❤ Tight anal hole with extra stimulation

❤ Lightweight and tiny toy without torso

❤ Jiggly, elastic material that is allergy-friendly

❤ Optimal size for convenient storage

Body Measurements

❤ Height: 3.94”

❤ Length: 6.7”

❤ Width: 6.3”

❤ Weight: 3.7 lbs