Jennifer the dirty new girl: 48.06LB Dual Thannel E Cup Realistic Half Body Male Sex Toy(Pre-sale, will be shipped in early April)

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


The dirty new girl, Jennifer

You're walking down the hall of your university and see this new girl passing by. Apparently, she's the first year because you've never seen her before. Mmm, remember how her tits were shaking when she was wearing those sexy high heels?

She noticed you. She was definitely looking at you and your strong arms and torso. I bet she’s thinking about you two fucking on the teacher’s desk when the classes are over.

Jennifer is ready to be your companion during long lonesome winter evenings, make you happy in the sunny summer afternoon or warm you up a bit when it’s raining outside.  

You look at these huge breasts and can’t stop thinking about tasting them and feeling your penis getting hard from the desire to come inside this wet vagina. Her nipples are waiting for you to softly touch and lick them.

Jennifer’s labia and sturdy ass are begging you to take off your pants, grab your pulsating member and fuck her as hard as you can. Don’t hesitate and do it while she’s in the mood.

You two can have amazing boob, anal and casual sex if you want. Her body is ready to give you celestial pleasure. It feels like heaven.  

Give her ass and pussy to feel your penis

She’s so dirty. She wants you to take her, yet she’s playing hard-to-get. What to do to tame her? Grab your belt or whip, take these sexy panties off her booty and punish this naughty girl.

If you’ve never had anal before, ask your new friend to help you. She could show you the world of pleasure or get you prepared for sex with a real girl.

Try every position in sex that you’ve seen in porn or erotic movies to find your favorites. Go for magic mountain, ballet dancer, cross booty and others (google them first).

Jennifer is up for anything. Feel free to use lubes of your liking because the skin and the insides will not dissolve because of it. See what you can do before you go for a rendezvous with your real girlfriend.

Go for experiments

Spice up the sex life with your significant other and involve your mutual girlfriend in the role play. You can do the doggy style with a doll while your girl is licking that sweet pussy.

Another idea is to get a strap-on for our girl and penetrate your doll’s ass and vagina. Meanwhile, you can lick the boobs of the too and cum even faster.  

Safe and realistic materials

Medically grade TPE is the basis of the doll. That is why her skin is super soft and touchy. By the way, the material is hypo-allergenic so you won’t get skin irritation.

Her “bones” and “spine” are from metal. They can withstand hard sex and could be damaged only if you drop her from the 10th floor or run her over with your car.(Of course you don't want to hurt Jennifer like that)

Don’t be afraid that she falls apart and breaks into pieces if you play with her or spank her. It won’t happen because all our dolls go through some durability tests before going for sale.

Key Features

❤ Medical grade TPE materials.

❤ 3 In 1 Pleasure- Vaginal sex, anal sex and breast sex.

❤ The framework inside her keeps her sturdy.

❤ Prominent labia and perky nipples.

❤ Could be dressed in lingerie.

❤ Life-sized half body doll

❤ Hypo-allergenic.

Body Measurements

❤ Height: 22.05”

❤ Length: 15.75”

❤ Width: 10.62”

❤ Weight: 48.06 pounds