Destinee: Pocket Pussy Blow Job for Men Masturbation (Flesh)

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


Destinee's charm

She knows you are fond of her big breasts. She is confident you are excited about her tight pussy. She is sure you lose your mind about her small mouth and curious tongue. She knows everything about you because she is your Destinee. So sensitive to your caress, so hungry for your dick, this little slut is ready to let you in and give you unbelievable joy.

Destinee’s boobs beckon you, inviting to squeeze and caress them, play with hard nipples and tease them until a sweet moan breaks from your lusty hussy’s lips. Her pussy also longs for the attention, and you cannot deprive her of this pleasure. So, you push her lower lips gently and insert your pulsating dick into her sweet vagina. You feel how your sexy girl froze for a sec, but a moment later, she impatiently moves on your cock, begging for more. And you give her that ...

The most torso sex dolls offer you only two targets: e.g., pussy and ass, or pussy and tits. But Destinee is more generous. She is a perfect choice for male masturbation because there are three attractive areas in her body: a vagina, a mouth, and breasts.

Luxurious breasts

Magical and alluring, Destinee’s bosoms are perfectly rounded. Such boobs are a real gift for those men who like curvy shapes. They are soft, elastic, and resilient, so you can squeeze them while enjoying contact with realistic material. These breasts are rather big so you have enough place to frolic on their surface with your palms. And don’t forget to play with Destinee’s protruding nipples that are waiting for your fingers and lips!

Tempting vagina

Now it’s time to find your way into Destinee’s tight crack. It’s not just a plain and smooth tunnel but a realistic-touched vagina with all her curves and twists. Push a bit stronger, and you will feel Destinee’s cervix waiting for your member to tease it. Diving into this pussy with your cock is like having sex with a real woman, not with one of the mini sex dolls.  

Playful mouth

You cannot fight back Destinee’s sweet mouth when it takes your firm cock inside. You’ll be glad to find out that it has not only a tongue but also the palatine tubercle. So you will be able to sense all the curves while exploring Destinee’s mouth with your dick.

But notice please that despite the high realism, plays with Destinee’s mouth are different from the real blowjob because the doll cannot suck and lick your penis.  


Soft and touchable material

It is so hard to resist petting Destinee, squeezing her luscious breasts, touching her silky skin, and diving into her holes. All this is possible because of the realistic-touch medical grade TPE materials, which is not only pleasant to the touch but also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. All you have to do is apply some water-based lube and wash your dolly after each use.

Key Features

❤ Three-in-one. Oral sex, breast sex, vaginal sex

❤ Close-set boobs with protruding nipples.

❤ Pussy with a realistic curved surface.

❤ Mouth with plump lips and tongue.

❤ Skin-soft health-friendly material.  

Body Measurements

❤ Height: 5.91″

❤ Length: 9.84″

❤ Width: 8.66″

❤ Weight: 7.05 lbs.