Angelina the Personal Traine: TPE Soft Transparent Pussy Ass Male Masturbator 2.5LB

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


Angelina the Personal Trainer

Angelina is an extremely fit trainer who takes good care of herself. Men always stare at her hot body at the gym. Her sexy curves and massive, round ass gets plenty of attention. But out of all the men who lust after her, Angelina finds you the most attractive. She wants to please only you by taking your hard cock and shoving it down her tight little pussy. After a hot and sweaty workout, take her into the shower and have your way with her. Bent over doggy style with her ass up, Angelina loves it when you grab a handful of her ass and squeeze it tight. Her glorious pussy is in full display and ready to be wrecked with your powerful, throbbing cock.

Realistic Vagina Tunnel

Angelina offers up her perfect little pussy for your pleasure. Made with transparent TPE, Angelia’s pussy is smooth, tight, and feels like the real thing. Her fleshy exterior can stretch without losing shape, while her interior layer is firmer, more elastic, and provides a pleasurable grip around your meat. Her vagina tunnel is exquisitely textured with ridges and knobs that stimulate your shaft and provide incredible suction with each thrust. Deep inside her tunnel is a cock ring that will squeeze your cock and help you climax multiple times.

Realistic Anal Tunnel

A thick and juicy experience, Angelina’s ass is squeezable and spankable. She has a distinct anal tunnel that feels ultra-lifelike. Textured with ridges and grooves that stimulate your cock, Angelina asshole will have you moaning with pleasure. Her tight hole provides a firm grip around your johnson with an incredible suction action that is sure to deliver powerful orgasms.

Tunnel features of Angelina

She has upward-facing drainage holes it means that she herself will be easier to clean than most other drainage (or non-drainage) sex dolls, and she is easy to ventilate after cleaning. All you would need to do is run water through the her holes. Then let her air dry.

Skin-Like TPE Material

Angelina has a distinct look. Made of ​medical grade TPE materials, Angelina is ultra-realistic in feel, look, and texture. The TPE material is temperature-receptive and feels softer and more elastic. It can retain its shape better than other materials. You can fuck her silly, and she will never lose traction or firmness. The content is body-safe and requires little maintenance, so you can cum in her or on her using a water-based lubricant.

Key Features

❤ Lifelike Viginal Tunnel                                              

❤ Plump Ass

❤ Sexy Curves

❤ Soft to the Touch

❤ Ergonomic Design

❤ Lifelike Anal Tunnel

❤ “Skin-Like” TPE Material

❤ Body Safe

❤ Lightweight

Body Measurements

❤ Height:5.1''

❤ Length:5.5''

❤ Width:5.5''

❤ Weight:2.5lb