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The 411 on Realistic Male Masturbators

Since puberty, you’ve realised that masturbation is one of the best things in life. Not only does it feel absolutely amazing, but it’s also free! Winning the lottery? We think so!

But with time and technological advancement, we’ve been able to transform the masturbation experience for both men and women. In fact, sex toys have been around for ages, even before the pop up of actual sex shops and online erotic stores.

In other words, it’s completely normal and natural to move forward with the times, and to use technology to your advantage in order to experience even more bliss when it comes to your solo time playing. Heck, you could even try to make your own sex doll if you wanted given all of the resources available today!

Alas, we’re dedicating this space to realistic male masturbators. Because, let’s face it, it’s not always possible to be in a sexual relationship, or to enjoy sex at any given time. It takes two to tango… or does it?

With things such as realistic pussy and ass sex toys, it really doesn’t take two to tango! You’re welcome!

What Does a Realistic Male Masturbator Feel Like?

Of course this depends on which type of male masturbator you’re going for. Even the most realistic male masturbator won’t hide the fact that you’re not really having sex with an actual women. But… let’s dig deeper…

A male masturbator feels very similar to actual sex, mechanically. And it’ll definitely add a heightened sexual arousal and release as opposed to using your hand.

On the other hand though (pun intended), and as mentioned, you’re going to know that you’re not with an actual woman. Sex with a woman means experiencing warmth and wetness (but you could actually simulate this yourself with your chosen male masturbator by warming up your lube beforehand).

Adversely, you could consider buying a realistic pussy and ass sex doll, and in that way, you’d be able to bring in more of the authentic real woman feel…

Where Can I Buy Realistic Pussy and Ass Sex Dolls?

You can buy a realistic pussy and ass sex doll just about anywhere if you research it right! One swift type online and you’ll be able to wade through tons of websites selling what they argue to be the most realistic pocket pussy and ass sex dolls.

And at Tantly, we place a lot of pride on our realistic pussy and ass sex dolls, which is the main focus of our online store.

We predominantly craft the most realistic male masturbator sex toys for gentlemen who are after the real-feel. What’s even better is that each male masturbator has a different appearance as well as different outer and inner structures, giving you different sensations and aesthetics according to your taste.

Some of our favourites are:
Helena, a missionary pussy and ass male masturbator
Horny Heather: a curvaceous vagina and ass masturbator
Jessica the Virgin: a young pussy and soft ass masturbator
Katie: a Japanese pussy and ass male masurbator
Lola: a lifelike ass and pussy male masturbator

Then again, we completely encourage you to have a gander at our (and other) sites to find the most realistic pussy and ass masturbator. You definitely want to find something that’s kind and erotic on the eyes, but also something that feels earth-shattering at the same time.

What is a Realistic Pocket Pussy?

A pocket pussy, which is sometimes known as a fleshlight, is like a tunnel or opening that allows you to experience the feeling of real life sex. There are tons of different pocket pussy designs, but when it comes to realistic pocket pussy sex toys, the difference is… well, the latter is realistic.

By that, we mean that the opening actually resembles that of a pussy, an ass, or a mouth. In this way, it’ll make the experience even more authentic and perhaps add an extra touch of erotica to your play time.

Realistic Male Masturbators: Is it Worth it?

This is a personal decision to make. But seeing as we’re in the industry of male masturbators, it’s clear that we obviously believe in the absolute bliss that one can receive from these kinds of toys.

So while you could choose a sex toy that isn’t realistic, owning something that not only gives off a real-feel but also has extensive intimate details and a lifelike appearances is just an added bonus when it comes to getting off.

We personally love to mimic realistic pussy and ass masturbators because it’s aesthetically pleasing for the user, and it can help to simulate and imagine the real deal.

So, at the end of the day, the big question is: should you opt for a realistic male masturbator? We would like to say yes! Unless you’re the type of person who isn’t easily influenced by aesthetics, you won’t regret going for the most realistic pussy and ass male masturbator sex dolls, and we’re positive of this!
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