Alana: 3.57LB Realistic Bikini female Mini Love Doll

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


Key Features

❤ Two juicy tits that are oh-so-pleasing to tease

❤ Young strong body

❤ Anal hole and pussy available for fucking

❤ Made of the material that is easy to wash, durable, non-weary

❤ Small size and weight


❤ Height: 9.84”

❤ Length: 6.5”

❤ Width: 3.94”

❤ Weight: 3.57 lbs

About Alana

Alana is a young girl you’ve met on your summer vacation. You’ve spent some extremely passionate nights together – maybe even too passionate for an unobtrusive beach romance. That week you became her mentor into the world of adult pleasure. However, the summer fantasy came to an end, and you sadly thought you’d never meet the teen again.

Of course, life had its plans on you two.

When a few young girls came into your company for their internship, you faultlessly recognized Alana among them. The day brought even more surprises as Alana turned out to be your subordinate. She came to your private cabinet, and you customarily started to pet her thigh in thin stockings while talking. Without further ado, she went down on her knees and took your cock out of the pants. After a mini-break on the best blow job ever, both of you continued working and decided to meet each other when the day would be over.

You are going to start with her massive breast, torturing and petting her rouge nipples to get her on the edge. When she’ll start to ask for more as a cheap slut, you’ll bend her over the desk and tuck her petite leaking pussy with your hard dick. You love when she forgets the whole world around her as fucking gets rougher and rougher. When Alana almost comes, you take your cock out and put it to her anal hole, that seeks to be destroyed as well. You bet the girl will soon see her promotion.

Stretchy Vulva With a Bizarre Stimulation Pattern

This is not your standard male masturbator – Alana has the unique features that guarantee to bring you over the edge in a matter of minutes. Her main vaginal hole is all about irregular structure, which stimulates man’s cock providing realistic sex experience. Despite the small size of the hole, it is indeed stretchy, which makes it suitable for men of all cock sizes. More to that, the toy is easy and fast to clean after each pleasure session.

Young Girl’s Tight Virgin Butt

To convey the sensations of a real young girl’s ass, the toy obtained extremely narrow butthole which you’re about to bang hard. It is elastic enough to follow the shape of your cock without pressing it too much. Still, the toy gives a new interpretation to the regular male masturbation, making it more exciting and pleasurable.

Tunnel features of Alana

She is sealed, it means that there is no drainage system. But she has the ability to create a suction that closely resembles a vacuum effect. This effect enhances your stimulation and gives you more of a ‘real-feel’.

Huge Bouncy Tits Made Of Hypoallergenic Material

Buying this sex toy, you can be sure that unlike many other cheap masturbators it is created of the material that has passed all the safety tests. You’re encouraged to have fun with those silicone tits, and all the other things are left on our concern. Alana’s torso is made of medical grade TPE materials – a material, which is known for its allergic-friendly properties and durability. Buy it to feel what “quality” means!

Key Features

❤ Two juicy tits that are oh-so-pleasing to tease

❤ Cast from a real model with bikini bathing suit and floral tattoos on her body

❤ Super stretchy tunnels- can be stretched without deforming. The penises between 6 to 9 inches can get a good experience during use.

❤ Tunnels are fulled with textured nodules and ridges on the inner walls, which will increase friction and irritation.

❤ Lifelike Tunnels- The two soft and tight tunnels are available for fucking

❤ Made of medical grade TPE materials that is easy to wash, durable, non-weary

❤ Small size and weight for easy movement and hiding

Body Measurements

❤ Height: 9.84”

❤ Length: 6.5”

❤ Width: 3.94”

❤ Weight: 3.57 lbs

❤ Vaginal tunnel length: 6”

❤ Vaginal opening diameter: 0.4”

❤ Anal tunnel length: 5”

❤ Anal opening diameter: 0.3”