Scarlett: 15.14LB Realistic Big Boobs Half Body Sex Doll

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


About Scarlett

Scarlett is a heartbreaker – her huge breast and immodestly short skirt have seduced dozens of men, but none of them managed even to play with her flaunting nipples. The hunter became prey when the girl fell in love with your massive dick. You’ve got a chance to open this box of wonders, and by opening, we mean trying her sweet holes in all positions you can even imagine.

Start by playing with her tits, cause you know she likes it. Squeeze and cup them, twist and suck her nipples, or wedge your soaking cock between those chubbies and start fucking her roughly – she’s open to everything new. Try not to cum this soon! The girl waits for a big dick to make her a real woman, so do not disappoint her. Trail your path down her torso with bytes so visible on her tender nude skin, and here you are – in the center of her pleasures. Make sure to properly lubricate her tight pussy, and get your cock inside her. She’s so horny for you!

Her enthusiasm makes you wonder will she ever be satisfied. The teen thought that the most pleasurable part of the night has already come; still, you have a surprise for her. Her other hole wants to try some dick as well, Scarlett only doesn’t know that yet. Shift your veiny cock a little bit lower and open her a whole new world of anal pleasure.

Double Pleasure With Two Holes

Scarlett can offer two sweet holes at your disposal. Choose her small wet pussy with charming labia minora or tight butt to pleasure your cock – you won’t be able to select your favorite! Both holes will amaze you with the numerous buds and ribs, with sections of different stimulation following one another. All the natural particularities are preserved: you’ll find Scarlett’s ass much harder to stretch than her narrow vagina.

Realistic Skin And Elastic Body

This sex toy was created to keep you into your fantasy world for as long as possible. Scarlett is made of a skin-like TPE, that reiterates a real young girl’s body under your fingers. A high-quality material guarantees you years of pleasure without the fear of tearing or outstretching any of Scarlett’s petite holes, while its non-sensitizing properties allow everyone to make male masturbation more enthralling.

Tunnel features of Scarlett

She is sealed, it means that there is no drainage system. But she has the ability to create a suction that closely resembles a vacuum effect. This effect enhances your stimulation and gives you more of a ‘real-feel’.

Delicate Female Silhouette

Scarlett can’t be called a flat-chested girl. She is proud of having two bouncy boobs – all-natural, no silicone – and a juicy ass. Her feminine silhouette was mentally undressed an uncountable number of times, but only you got a chance to touch her. You will enjoy her provocatively tensed nipples and perky boobs, small waist, and bubble butt both with your eyes and… some other parts of your body.

Key Features

❤ Lifelike Tunnels- Two distinct ribbed tunnels offer twice the stimulation and twice the excitement.

❤ Super stretchy tunnels- can be stretched without deforming. The penises between 6 to 9 inches can get a good experience during use.

❤ Closed-End For Tighter Sensation- The closed-end provides a virgin-like suction when you stroke.

❤ Two big jiggly titties

❤ Medical grade TPE materials

❤ Optimal masturbator’s weight for storing

❤ Elastic, human-like skin with realistic pores and goosebumps.

Body Measurements

❤ Total length: 15.74”

❤ Shoulder width: 12.2”

❤ Waist: 26.77”

❤ Bust: 15.74”

❤ Weight: 15.14 lbs

❤ Vaginal tunnel length: 6”

❤ Vaginal opening diameter: 0.4”

❤ Anal tunnel length: 5”

❤ Anal opening diameter: 0.3”