Dita: 9.25LB Big Boobs D Cup Dual Tunnels Male Sex Toy

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FDA approved medical grade materials

Discreet Packaging


Dita the star stripper

Your first visit to a local striptease bar was a success. The bar itself was awful, and drinks were even worse, but girls… Girls lured with their smooth moves around a pole. Someone announced that the star of today’s show – Dita – is about to start her dance. The next thing you know is you two kissing frantically in a VIP room.

Your girl wears almost no clothes. Her hard nipples are so nice to play with your tongue and her young trained body trembles under your touches. Not wasting any more time, you go inside her small size panties and start to pet her petite leaking pussy gently. Unable to withstand this sweet torture, Dita takes control of the situation and goes down to take your hard dick out. This night she lets you fuck her breast and cum all over her torso.

The next day she calls you on her own to invite you somewhere more private. Using her tits for pleasure is fantastic, but fucking tight virgin pussy is even better. For men, she’s unapproachable. For you, she’s a cheap slut, who likes having cum inside her ass.

Two Holes Instead of One

Dita allows you to do everything to her body. Her both love holes are accessible, and only you decide which one to bump today. You can go with classical sex, and add some new sensations by sticking a vibro sex toy inside her anal. Still, her vagina is too sweet to handle – the channel has an irregular shape with bumpy and ribbed areas interchanging. Your dick will go to heaven and above with such an attentive treatment.

Realistic Body Structure

When you first look at almost naked Dita stripping on a scene, you can’t imagine her anal hole being so small. She has only started her journey into the adult world of sex, and that’s why her butt scarcely manages to accept your massive cock. Her D-sized breast is indeed satisfying to play with, and what can be better than to cup her ass cheeks when using her pussy as a masturbator? She’s a real man’s fantasy, rousing desire from the first glance.

Tunnel features of Dita

She is sealed, it means that there is no drainage system. But she has the ability to create a suction that closely resembles a vacuum effect. This effect enhances your stimulation and gives you more of a ‘real-feel’.



Body-safe Silicone-like Material

The toy is made of medical grade TPE materials, which is a hypoallergenic material that is durable enough to withstand even the roughest sex: Dita’s teen holes won’t stretch even after your umpteenth porn session. The vividness is the best proof of the toy’s quality. You’ll barely be able to divide the touches to her skin from the actual female body! She is designed to make male masturbation even more pleasurable, and we can assure you – she copes with the task outstandingly.

Key Features

❤ Perfectly sized for easy handing, while maintaining a delicious weight and realistic density for an ultra lifelike fuck.

❤ 3 In 1 Pleasure- Vaginal sex, anal sex and breast sex. You can pick your favorite and position as your wish.

❤ 2 Sexy Holes Design- Each tunnel is specifically designed to give a unique sensation.

❤ Bouncy boobs for the pleasure of squeezing.

❤ Body safe TPE material, soft to the touch, giving you the most authentic experience.

Body Measurements

❤ Total length: 14.57”

❤ Shoulder width: 7.48”

❤ Waist: 14.17”

❤ Bust: 21.65”

❤ Hips: 24.8”

❤ Weight: 9.25 lbs