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    Aurora: 53LB Full Size Torso Sex Doll With Big Boobs

    10 reviews $559.99
    Aurora, the lovelorn girl you met at a bar You are out for some beers and you notice a beautiful young lady –probably 23 years old- sitting three tables from...

    Scarlett: 15.14LB Big Boobs Mini Sex Doll for Male Maturbation

    28 reviews $149.99
    About Scarlett Scarlett is a heartbreaker – her huge breast and immodestly short skirt have seduced dozens of men, but none of them managed even to play with her flaunting...

    Louise: 24.25LB Doggy Style Life Size Sex Doll

    37 reviews $199.99
    About Louise Are you a young man who desires to know how it feels like to be inside a woman’s body? Or a couple who’re eager to spice up their...

    Candice: 43LB E Cup Life Sized Torso Sex Doll

    7 reviews $339.99
    You came on a business trip to Spain and met this Russian girl Candice. She came here with her husband, but he’s always away running errands. When you’re swimming in...

    Cecilia: 19.84LB Increase Sexual Stamina Intense Stimulation Torso Sex Doll

    16 reviews $169.99
    Cecilia the girl with the magical vagina You came to her because you’re always too fast in sex, and she gladly starts helping you by explaining how to get rid...

    Rosie: 34.17LB BBW Big Ass Realistic Sex doll Torso For Men

    15 reviews $279.99
    Your best friend's hot sister-Rosie Ever since you were children, you noticed how beautiful Rosie, the elder sister of your friend Jack was. You always fantasized about her long legs...

    Brooke: 4.4 LB TPE Perfect Female Booty Mini Dolls

    31 reviews $69.99
    Brooke the Naughty Girl Brooke has been a very naughty girl and needs to be taught a lesson. Her delectable pussy is ready to be punished with your hard, throbbing...

    Stacy's Mom: 11.9LB D Cup Half Body Dual Tunnels Sex Doll

    39 reviews $109.99
    Stacy’s Mom She laid her eyes on you at her daughter's birthday party. Since then, Stacy's Mom can't stop fantasizing about you. She thinks about you running your hands all...

    Dita: 9.25LB Big Boobs C Cup Dual Tunnels Male Sex Toy

    19 reviews $99.99
    Dita the star stripper Your first visit to a local striptease bar was a success. The bar itself was awful, and drinks were even worse, but girls… Girls lured with...

    Edward: 18.74 LB Half Body Male Torso Love Doll with Huge Dildo

    8 reviews $169.99
    About Edward Your bodies are getting closer, your eyes are fixed on each other, and your increasing desire is making you a bit hazy. You feel how his penis is...

    Rico: 26.01LB Male Torso Sex Doll Love Toy For Couple Threesome

    7 reviews $259.69
    The charm of Rico Muscular, young, and attractive, Rico carelessly leans back on the head of the bed, with his strong legs slightly apart. Here he is, smiling wryly out...
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